Agricultural Shed Kits Devon

Agricultural Shed Kits Devon

4 Advantages of Steel Agricultural Shed Kits in Devon

The steel agricultural shed is the basic unit of farm buildings here in Devon, and its uses are multiple. Which is why Integrity’s versatile steel buildings are the ideal structure for crops, cattle or machinery storage. Now we’re combining Integrity’s full turnkey service with the provision of agricultural shed kits for Devon farmers.

Prefabricated Quality Steel Structure in Flat Pack

Integrity designs, engineers and delivers your bespoke agricultural shed in kit form, complete with build manual, architectural drawings and load list. Our aim is always to provide the most cost-effective options to the agricultural sector, and the flat pack allows you to choose how much you spend on the build.

Steel agricultural shed kits in Devon deliver on affordability, but we’ve found 4 further benefits they provide:

1. Add Value to Your Business

Good quality structures made from durable materials add quality to your farm. They’re also adaptable, should the function of the shed change. Our customisable designs can factor in the possibility of expansion by adding in extra doors, or windows. And shed insulation offers the opportunity of using the space for a number of different functions.

2. Value for Money Buildings

Most building materials deteriorate with time. Steel, by contrast, is one of the most durable materials in existence. Its combination of high tensile strength, and extreme durability means it can withstand gales, downpours, hail and snow. Integrity’s steel buildings are designed for a 50-year lifespan – which makes our structures an excellent long-term investment.

3. A Low Maintenance Option

Wood or brick requires ongoing maintenance, and is prone to damage from pests, or animals housed within it. Steel buildings require minimal maintenance to keep them in prime condition and looking smart. There are just a few checks to make:

  • Scratches. If you notice a scratch, clean and seal it quickly to avoid rust damage.
  • Guttering. The gutters are there to divert the water off the roof of your shed to prevent damage. They need to be kept clear, so check regularly for blockages.
  • Windows. Keep runner tracks clear and lubricated, and replace any cracked or broken windows as they occur.
  • Annual Wash. An annual hose-down of your building will keep the guttering clear, remove dirt and debris, and keep the building looking good.

4. Steel Kits Are Easy to Erect

Everything you need is included in the flat pack, as well as detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. Most of our clients manage the process and enjoy the savings they make on construction costs. Even if you run into difficulty along the way, the Integrity team are available to give you guidance and advice.

Working With Integrity Steel Buildings in Devon

Over the past decade Integrity has grown its reputation for first-class construction services in the UK. We’re now working with strategic partners to provide easy-to-buy and easy-to-build bespoke steel buildings. Agricultural shed kits in Devon are part of our wider agricultural steel buildings offering which includes workshops, stables, and specialist storage.

If you would like to get started on your steel agricultural shed kit straight away, call Integrity today for a free no obligation site survey – 01392 444641