Agricultural Steel Buildings Devon

Agricultural Steel Buildings Devon

Integrity Supplies Agricultural Steel Buildings in Devon

The growing trend for agricultural steel buildings in Devon is proof that these structures do the job farmers require of them. Farms are a tough working environment that requires versatility and strength. For this reason Devon farmers need barns, agricultural sheds and storage that can withstand tough weather conditions whilst being quick and simple to install.

Integrity Steel Buildings, based in Exeter and Bedford, designs agricultural buildings to fit your farm or land. Whether you have your own plans, or simply an idea, Integrity’s designers will create a building bespoke to your requirements. Doors, windows, colour and fittings are all customisable and they can be matched to buildings already in place. If you need an extension, a replacement for old buildings, or a simple structure that can evolve, we’ll create the perfect solution.

Four Reasons to Choose Steel

We receive great feedback from our clients in the agricultural sector about their reasons for choosing steel. We thought we’d share the top 4 with you:

1. “Steel Suits My Budget”

A quick comparison with other building materials demonstrates the cost-saving steel represents. Integrity’s steel portal frame buildings are pre-engineered and shipped in a flat-pack format to the customer. They can be self assembled, or Integrity can project manage their construction.

2. “Steel Buildings Can Be Used to Store Livestock, Grain or Machinery”

Whether it’s refrigeration units, grain, cattle or agricultural equipment, Integrity steel buildings are designed to do the job required. We can integrate a drying floor and fans, windows and ventilation to avoid condensation, or waste management systems ensuring a healthy environment for livestock.

3. “A Hygienic Environment”

Once mould takes hold of a building it’s an ongoing battle to keep it at bay. Wood is particularly susceptible to mould infestations and, if left unchecked, it can write off whatever you’re storing. Steel is mould resistant, and is far less likely than wood to be penetrated by vermin and pests.

4. “Steel Buildings are an Adaptable System”

Steel portal frame buildings grow and adapt as you need them. If you find you require a workshop, or office attached to existing buildings, it’s simple to design and install what you need. All our buildings have adaptability built in, so you never have to worry about redundant spaces again.

Reasons for Working With Integrity Steel Buildings

We know our product is an excellent solution for the agricultural sector, and so we do all we can to to make purchasing them as simple as possible. Our designers work with clients online, or in person, to create a fully customised building which has a solid steel guarantee with full UKCA marking. Best of all, we’re a one-stop-shop for everything you need from design through to construction.

About Integrity Steel Buildings

For more than a decade Integrity has been building a reputation as the provider of high quality construction services. Now we work with strategic partners to include within our services the design and construction of easy-to-buy bespoke steel buildings. Our office in Exeter provides everything you need to design and build agricultural steel buildings in Devon.

Would you like to talk to an Integrity designer about an agricultural building? Call us today for a FREE online quote, and a comprehensive process from design to delivery – 01234 938 113