Steel Building Maintenance Devon

Steel Building Maintenance Devon

5 Tips for Steel Building Maintenance in Devon

It doesn’t take long for word to spread about the benefits of choosing steel portal frame buildings for your business. In Devon, steel buildings are used widely for farming, the automotive sector and industry. Now, however, we’re seeing steel home offices, rural workshops and independent retail units populating the county. Again and again, clients tell us that the minimal maintenance required was one of the deciding factors for their choice.

Steel is known as one of the most resistant construction materials; which is where its reputation for ‘light touch’ maintenance comes from. In comparison to brick, or wood, the maintenance is extremely light, but a regime is still required to maintain steel structures in a pristine condition. The Integrity team has come up with 5 tips for steel building maintenance in Devon.

1. Keep An Eye On Weather Conditions

Devon experienced flash floods in 2020 that were described as ‘biblical’ in their intensity. Flooding, heavy rainfall or a heavy snowfall are all conditions that need to be to be carefully monitored by owners of steel buildings. Standing water can cause steel to rust or bend if left for long periods. If you notice pools of standing water around your building, check out the source and add guttering, drainage or downspouts to alleviate the problem.

2. Check Your Insulation

Steel is known for being an efficient conductor of heat; insulation keeps heat in your building during the winter, and maintains a cool interior during the summer. If your insulation is damaged in any way, you’ll feel it via your energy bills, and working conditions will decline. Check insulation regularly, and if you notice a problem, get it repaired promptly.

3. What Are Your Wear and Tear Risk Factors?

Your steel building will experience different kinds of wear and tear, dependent on the use to which its put. If you’re using it for storage, or light retail, the wear and tear will be minimal. If, however, you’re using it as a stable, or to house livestock,  there are specific kinds of damage to look out for. Animals can damage walls by repeatedly leaning against them, or kicking. Animal waste can prove corrosive and needs to be cleared regularly.

4. Yearly Wash and Brush Up

The UK has an ongoing problem with air pollution, so an external wash down, once a year is a great way to preserve its appearance. A low pressure power wash, using a mild detergent will remove dirt and accumulated debris, clear out guttering, and prevent incipient staining. It will also halt the growth of any fungus, or mildew.

5. Ongoing Maintenance

Integrity Steel Buildings are bespoke, which means that each one is slightly different. Be aware of the vulnerabilities in your particular iteration. We recommend keeping an eye on:

  • Nuts and bolts – replace missing components and tighten them if they come loose
  • Roller shutters – lubricate to keep the mechanism smooth
  • Locks and bolts – if the fitting comes loose, or starts to stick, repair straight away
  • Windows – keep runner tracks lubricated, and replace broken, or cracked windows
  • Guttering – clean out regularly to avoid blockages

About Integrity Steel Buildings

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