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Steel Garage Buildings Devon

Integrity Steel Garage Buildings in Devon

Like many of the words we use everyday, ‘garage’ has French roots. It originally meant simply ‘to keep under cover’ and it appeared in English in 1902 – with specific reference to a place where cars are kept. Now the word is essential to the language, whether we’re describing residential vehicle storage, a place where we fuel up, or a workshop where cars are repaired.

Steel garage buildings in Devon are in high demand. Our customers have different needs – a home for a prized classic collection, a workshop and garage for family use, or a car bodyshop repair centre – but whatever the requirement, Integrity can deliver the perfect steel solution. We’re able to create durable, high-quality bespoke garages, at an affordable price.

The Benefits of Choosing a Steel Garage

A steel frame garage provides a range of benefits, thanks to the qualities to be found in steel:

  • Strong and Durable. Steel provides a greater strength-to-weight ratio than wood. It will not warp, split, crack or rot.
  • Non-Combustible Material. The integral fire resistance of steel lowers the risk for owners. The use of intumescent coating will protect the steel against buckling in high temperatures.
  • Pest Resistant. Steel is not attractive to insects or rodents.
  • Low Maintenance. Steel garages in Devon are built to resist gales, rain and snow. An annual external clean will keep the building looking pristine.

Steel Garages From Integrity

Whatever our clients need their steel garage buildings for in Devon, Integrity can create a customised design, tailored to their specifications. From a simple storage space to a structure incorporating office space and multiple exits/entrances, or even a mezzanine, we’ll provide the perfect solution. Once the design is signed off, it’s sent straight to our manufacturing partners for pre-fabrication.

Most of our garage structures don’t require planning permission. If, however, you do have to submit an application, we can provide all the documentation you’ll need. Our steel garages are delivered as a flat pack, including architectural drawings, build manual, and load list. Integrity structures are simple to construct if you wish to do it yourself, or the Integrity team can do it for you.

About Integrity Steel Buildings

At Integrity Steel Buildings, we’re committed to providing a simple way for clients to purchase customised steel buildings online. We’re situated in Exeter and operate across Devon. You’ll probably have seen our steel buildings in the form of agricultural barns, sheds and farm shops, stables, fulfilment warehouses, workshops and commercial units.

Our goal, at Integrity Steel Buildings is to offer a way for our Devon clients to set up new businesses, expand existing sites, or re-organise their premises in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Would you like to know more about what Integrity Steel Buildings offers? Call our team today on 01234 938 113