Steel Garage Buildings in Bedfordshire

Steel Garage Buildings in Bedfordshire

Integrity Supplies Steel Garage Buildings in Bedfordshire

Integrity Steel Buildings is a local supplier of steel garage buildings in Bedfordshire. Whether Bedfordians require a suitable home for their Jaguar E-type, single or double garages for family cars, or a home for a camper van, we have a bespoke solution. Even better, our design software creates a high quality garage, at an affordable price, and tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Steel Garage Buildings?

You don’t have to look far to see how flexible steel garage buildings in Bedfordshire can be! The iconic Cardington Hangars, now transformed into a film studio for blockbusters, are some of the county’s best loved steel structures. And they exemplify the many benefits that steel offers, whether you’re housing the R31 airship, or your Land Rover Defender. These include:

  • Durability & Strength. Typically, a steel building is 30-50% lighter than wood. This means that a steel construction is stronger and more durable.
  • Custom Fabrication. Steel studs can be fabricated in a variety of sizes, and they can be made to order. This makes them ideal for flexible design use.
  • Fire Resistant. Steel is highly resistant to fire, and will lower the fire risk to a building. Intumescent coatings can further reduce the risks associated with fire.
  • Pest Resistant. Steel naturally protects against the invasion of rodents or insects.
  • Low Maintenance. Steel garage building are manufactured to be weather resistant, and they’re exceptionally easy to keep clean.

Steel Garages From Integrity

The team at Integrity offer a huge range of steel garage buildings in Bedfordshire. Our goal is always to provide the functionality our clients require, combined with the style and versatility steel structures lend themselves to. Our garage buildings are available with a standard dual pitch or monopitch roof.

Our bespoke design software allows Integrity to tailor every steel garage building to its site location. This means that our domestic buildings are guaranteed to meet all mandatory building regulations and codes. Structural calculation packs can be supplied for any of our buildings, at no extra cost. We will also provide everything you need for any planning applications.

Why Work With Integrity Steel Buildings?

The Integrity philosophy is all about providing an easy-to-use buying platform for bespoke steel garage buildings in Bedfordshire. Following an initial site survey (which can be a phone call) our design team, using sophisticated CAD software, will custom design your building. Once the design is signed off it will be sent off to our manufacturing facility for fabrication.

Integrity can manage your building project from start to finish, if you wish. Alternatively, we can provide manufacturing based on your drawing or plans and deliver the building, flat packed, to your door. Should you want to build your steel garage yourself, we will provide you with architectural drawings, build manual, and load list.

If you would like a FREE QUOTE, or would like some advice on steel garage buildings, call our design team at Integrity on 01234 938150