Agricultural Steel Buildings Hertfordshire

Agricultural Steel Buildings Hertfordshire

Providers of Agricultural Steel Buildings in Hertfordshire


Think ‘farming’ and Hertfordshire probably wouldn’t be the first county to spring to mind. So it might surprise you to find out that it’s currently home to 126 farms of differing sizes. Local farmer Ian Pigott is part of a Hertfordshire family that’s been farming near Harpenden for 5 centuries now. He notes the big changes happening in 21st century farming, but remains upbeat:

“There’s less livestock than a decade ago and sadly very little dairy farming, but the county grows a huge acreage of combinable crops: oilseed rape, wheat, barley and oats.”

Agricultural Steel Buildings for Hertfordshire Farms

If you’re a Hertfordshire farmer with land you’ll need outbuildings such as hay barns, dairy units, cattle sheds, crop storage or perhaps a farm shop. These structures need to be fit for purpose, capable of withstanding the British weather and competitively priced. Most important their construction should be be quick, efficient, and bespoke.

Integrity’s Agricultural Steel Buildings in Hertfordshire

Integrity is a supplier of bespoke steel farm buildings. As a customer-centred business, we recognise the importance of providing bespoke designs to Hertfordshire farmers. This means that we take into account site location, wind zone, ventilation requirements and quality assurance schemes.

Each of the buildings created by Integrity is bespoke to the specific requirements of our customers. They are designed to give 50 years of design life, and include all relevant warranties.

A 4 Step Process from Order to Completion

We provide comprehensive steel building services, which can be encapsulated in 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Free Consultancy

This begins with your online or telephone enquiry followed by FREE site survey as required . Using CAD systems, we design the steel building you need, customised to your requirements. The design will be informed by the topography of your location, the wind region and the surrounding terrain. We will also take into account the use to which the structure will be put, and accompanying regulatory requirements.

Step 2. Design & Engineering

Integrity provides complete architectural designs and accompanying structural calculations. This includes structural loadings to assist with foundation. Everything you need to obtain a planning application, or building control approval can be supplied as part of the process. If you wish to supply your own designs, we’ll deliver the building materials flat packed.

Step 3. Manufacturing Your Design

The designs are made available for review, and once a sign off is reached, we send it immediately to our manufacturing facility. The use of state-of-the-art technology ensures that prices stay low, whilst quality and efficiency is high.

Step 4. Self Build or Construction Solutions

If you opt for self build solution, we’ll deliver the building materials flat packed. Integrity will also supply architectural drawings, build manual, and a load list. Should you wish us to complete construction of your agricultural steel building, we can manage the full project, including – should you require it – a full internal fit out.

About Integrity Steel Buildings

For over a decade now, Integrity has been providing high quality construction service. We supply high quality, supremely robust steel agricultural buildings in Hertfordshire. Over time we have worked with a range of strategic partners to develop a simple, easy-to-use way to buy bespoke steel buildings for a variety of purposes.

Planning to construct a steel agricultural building? Call Integrity for your FREE online quote, and a comprehensive process from design to delivery – 01234 938150.