Steel Frame Buildings Bedfordshire

Steel Frame Buildings Bedfordshire

Integrity Steel Frame Buildings in Bedfordshire


Steel frame buildings are at the heart of everything we do at Integrity. For over a decade we’ve been offering consultancy for steel building design and construction management. More recently, we’ve developed the capacity to design and supply steel frame buildings in Bedfordshire. We are currently working with clients in the Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial sectors, who are using our user-friendly platform to buy bespoke steel buildings.

In this blog, we answer 5 questions we regularly get asked by our clients in Bedfordshire:

1. Is a Steel Frame Building the Same as a Portal Framed Building?

Yes it is. A portal framed building has columns along each side and rafters which make up the roof. These buildings can be constructed from concrete or timber, but the most popular material in the UK currently, is steel. Which is why they’ve become ‘steel frame buildings’. Steel is now preferred because of its durability and strength – which means that it will last for many years.

2. What are the Design Considerations for Steel Frame Buildings in Bedfordshire?

Each of our steel frame building designs are bespoke to our clients’ requirements. In Bedfordshire we’ve designed many storage buildings for Bedfordshire clients. In each case we’ll offer a range of options, such as: enclosed and open bay areas, dividing walls, roof ventilation. We’ll also take into consideration the wind region, topography and surrounding terrain.

3. Do Steel Frame Buildings Require Planning Permission?

In most cases, planning permission is required for steel frame buildings. Integrity Steel Buildings can help with the process by providing a pack comprising the architectural design and structural calculations. We are also happy to advise Bedfordshire clients on the foundation size of their building, based on the loads from the structure. Whatever information or documentation is required, we can provide it.

4. Can I Construct a Steel Frame Building Myself?

If you prefer to self-build your steel frame building, Integrity can supply the flat packed construction materials. These come accompanied by architectural drawings, a build manual and the load list. You are then free to choose whether to build it yourself, or hire in a company to do the job for you. Integrity seeks to find the most cost effective way to buy and build steel frame buildings.

5. Can I Get my Steel Frame Building Fitted Out?

This is one of the services we now offer, although – at present – we limit it to small and medium sized steel frame buildings in Bedfordshire. So, if you’re building a farm shop, storage and offices, or a warehouse, we can fit out the building to your specifications. At Integrity, the aim is to get businesses up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Working With Integrity Steel Buildings

If you know what kind of building you want, Integrity makes it simple to get it designed and built. Simply contact us with your idea and we’ll provide a FREE no obligation quote based on a site or telephone survey. Should you wish to proceed, we can create the design, provide documentation for Planning Permission, and construct the building for you.

Would a FREE steel frame building quotation be helpful to your Bedfordshire business? Contact Integrity today on 01234 938 150