Commercial Steel Buildings Hertfordshire

Commercial Steel Buildings Hertfordshire

Commercial Steel Buildings Hertfordshire

If you’re a small business looking to grow, or a large business needing to expand, or replace old structures, steel buildings are an excellent solution. And Hertfordshire is a great county to be doing business in. In 2019, despite economic uncertainty around Brexit, the county’s business economy grew. This means that it maintains its record for being an area of the country with an above average business presence.

Integrity likes to think that we contribute to this healthy business economy by providing cost-effective commercial steel buildings in Hertfordshire. Typical uses for our commercial steel buildings include:

Why Commercial Steel Buildings Work for Hertfordshire Businesses

We started our business in order to streamline the process of creating a new building fast, without compromising on quality. A steel frame building is ideal for this task because the product is durable, strong, fire resistant and long-lasting. Building with steel is cheaper than with other building materials, and the components can be pre-fabricated for self-build.

Integrity uses a four step process to help businesses build the structures they need to expand, or launch, their enterprise. It works like this:

Step 1. Free Quotation and Consultancy

We start out by talking about your requirements either face-to-face or on the phone. It helps us to know what your plans for the building are, so we can suggest – for example – roof ventilation, a mezzanine floor, insulation, or roller doors. Subsequent to your site survey, we use CAD systems to custom design your building, taking into account usage, and the topography of your location. All our designs are created for a 50 year life span.

Step 2. Design & Engineering

Integrity can help take the strain out of your planning application, or building control approval. We will supply you with a pack containing all the documentation required: architectural designs, structural calculations and structural loadings. Some businesses decide to provide their own designs for pre-fabrication. Integrity can deliver the flat-packed materials, ready for construction.

Step 3. Design Manufacture

Once the initial steel building designs are complete, clients are invited to review them. Upon sign-off, the designs are dispatched to our manufacturing facility. It is our use of innovative technology at every stage of the design process that allows us to keep prices competitive. Standards are quality checked rigorously, ensuring that they are scrupulously maintained for Hertfordshire clients.

Step 4. Self Build or Construction Solutions

Self build commercial steel buildings in Hertfordshire arrive flat packed from our manufacturers. We include a build manual, architectural drawings, and a load list. Where clients would prefer that Integrity manages the project from design through to completion, we’re happy to do so. This can include, where appropriate, an internal fit out.

About Integrity Steel Buildings

For over a decade Integrity has been growing its reputation as a leading provider of steel design and construction consultancy in Hertfordshire. To this end, we have worked with a number of strategic partners to facilitate the inclusion of design and construction for easy-to-buy bespoke steel buildings. We are delighted with the positive response our new business venture has received in the Hertfordshire business community. Currently our clients come from a range of sectors, including: commercial, automotive, agricultural and industrial.

Would you like to find out more about our commercial steel buildings in Hertfordshire? Whatever your business, call Integrity for a FREE online quote – 01234 938150.