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Our Steel Building Maintenance in Hertfordshire

The exciting thing about providing steel buildings in Hertfordshire is the many ways in which they are used. You are likely to come across Integrity steel buildings in rural Hertfordshire on farms, in the towns as warehousing, and across the county. One of the major attractions of commercial steel buildings for our clients is the light touch maintenance for which they’re known.

‘Light touch’ is very different to ‘no maintenance needed’, though. Whilst steel is one of the most resistant construction materials around it still requires a maintenance regime to keep it in excellent condition. Here are 5 recommendations for inclusion in your steel building maintenance:

1. Extreme Weather Checks

We’re all becoming used to extreme weather events; in fact Hertfordshire experienced flash flooding in the summer this year! Get used to checking your steel building if there’s been snow, or heavy rainfall. Steel can bend or rust if exposed to standing water for long periods. If you notice areas where water regularly collects, add gutters or downspouts to manage the water flow.

2. Nuts & Bolts

Your steel building is held together with nuts and bolts, so you should check them regularly and replace them when necessary. Where you notice that parts are missing, or the fastener isn’t tight, replace it directly. We would recommend that rivets are also replaced occasionally as this stops moisture from casing corrosive damage.

3. Insulation

Your insulation needs to be in tip-top condition at all times in order to be effective. Check regularly, and if you encounter damaged, wet or ripped insulation, you should treat repairs as a priority. If you neglect your insulation your costs will rise incrementally, whilst conditions in the building will decline, and there’s always a risk that the steel could start to rust.

4. Wear and Tear

Dependent on the use to which your steel building in Hertfordshire is put, you may need specific checks for wear and tear. If, for example, you have an agricultural steel building that’s being used to house sheep, or cows, you should check the walls. Animals can cause problems simply by rubbing against the edges of the building, or habitually resting against them.

5. Spring Clean Your Steel Building

Fungi and mildew are intruders you want to keep well away from your steel structure. The best way to achieve this is with a solution of ammonia and warm water applied with a power washer (low pressure), or a soft brush. An annual thorough spring clean, with the aim of removing any signs of mildew or fungus, will keep your building healthy.

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