Turnkey Solution For Steel Frame Buildings

Turnkey Solution For Steel Frame Buildings

End-to-End Steel Buildings From integrity

Integrity Steel Buildings, located in Bedfordshire, specialises in providing a comprehensive turnkey solutions for steel buildings construction throughout the East and South East of England. Our dedicated project management oversees every phase, starting from the initial concept to the final completion.

With over a decade of expertise in steel design and construction, we understand the numerous advantages that a ‘whole package service’ brings to our clients. We take pride in offering a seamless and all-inclusive service from initial ideas through to completion.

The success of our turnkey service is founded on the investment we make in our customer relations. We guarantee clear and regular communications at every stage of the design and construction process. We can support the design and supply of bespoke steel portal framed buildings and all its associated planning, design, and installation.

Integrity’s Turnkey Solution For Steel Frame Buildings

  1. Design
  2. Planning & Structural Calculations
  3. Manufacture & Supply
  4. Construction

1. Design

Integrity Steel Buildings offers a free quotation service. This begins with either a no-obligation site survey or a phone survey. Using advanced CAD systems, we have the capability to create tailor-made steel buildings that align perfectly with your requirements.

Clients select from a range of options, including multiple bays, enclosed and open bay areas, roller doors, personal access doors, mezzanine floors, dividing walls, and roof ventilation and insulation.

  • FREE quotation service with site or telephone survey options.
  • Custom-designed steel buildings using advanced CAD systems.
  • Options include multiple bays, enclosed and open bay areas, roller doors, personal access doors, mezzanine floors, dividing walls, and roof ventilation and insulation.

2. Planning & Structural Calculations

Years of experience, means that Integrity can make planning easier – a crucial step in most construction projects. We provide complete architectural designs and structural calculations for all building types we offer. We also guide you on the right foundation sizes, ensuring approval from building control authorities. Integrity supplies all the necessary drawings and documents for both planning and building control approvals.

  • Experienced guidance for smoother planning.
  • Full architectural designs and structural calculations.
  • Expert advice on foundation sizes for building control approval.
  • Supply of essential drawings and documents for planning and building control approval.

3. Manufacture and Supply

Our structural steelwork is fabricated in-house at our dedicated factory, with a production capacity exceeding 40 tonnes of steelwork per week, we are exceedingly well-prepared to meet the demands of even the most ambitious timelines with precision. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of shot blasting, painting, or galvanising services for all our steelwork, based on your specific preferences.

Turnkey Solution Manufacture and Supply
  • In-house fabrication of all structural steelwork.
  • Impressive weekly production capacity of over 40 tonnes.
  • Optional services include shot blasting, painting, and galvanising.

4. Construction

Our construction service revolves around the precise assembly of structural steelwork directly on-site. This process involves the careful placement and secure connection of steel components to form a robust frame. Typically, this is achieved through precise bolting once the frame has been aligned.

Notably, the ability to carry out these procedures safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively often hinges on design decisions made well in advance of construction commencement. Our designers play a crucial role in understanding how their choices impact the build-ability of the project. Effective project management is key to ensuring each and every stage of the project.

  • Construction involves on-site assembly of structural steelwork.
  • Processes include careful component placement and secure bolting.
  • Design decisions significantly impact safety, speed, and cost-effectiveness.
  • “Build-ability” is a vital design objective.
  • Efficient project management enhances project efficiency.

“Build schedules were provided and flexibly maintained to cope with material availability and delivery. On the ground, construction teams worked well around our day-to-day operations, kept us informed of progress and involved in any build decisions that needed making. Week to week communication was very good, invoicing was clear and prompt.”

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Integrity Steel Buildings works across a wide range of sectors including industrial, aviation, agricultural, commercial, local authority, utilities, education, equestrian and domestic residential markets.

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