The Uses of Steel in Building

The Uses of Steel in Building

Steel Buildings – Ideal for Agriculture, Commercial Industrial and Use

As a construction choice, steel in building emerges as a reliable and pragmatic solution for designing and building cost-effective commercial, industrial, and agricultural buildings. The innate strength and malleability of this material allows for swift and efficient construction, that reduces the build time, and the cost.

From expansive warehouses that store and distribute goods to agricultural barns and storage sheds, steel structures epitomise practicality whilst also delivering on durability. Steel’s low maintenance requirements also translate into long-term savings. For all these reasons, steel is an excellent choice for those seeking resilient and efficient building solutions.

Steel-Framed Building For Agriculture

For farmers or anyone working in the agricultural sector in the UK, the benefits that accompany the uses of steel in building are well known. As a result, the sight of steel-framed agricultural buildings has become ever more the norm over the past few decades. They’re used as hay barns, cattle sheds, lambing sheds, farm shops, equipment stores, farm offices, grain stores and more besides.

Why have they been adopted so readily? Here are some of the top reasons we hear from people in the sector:

  • Affordability. Steel-framed buildings are prefabricated which saves you money. They’re quick to install, and they last far longer than timber does.
  • Mould and Damp Resistant. Damp and condensation go hand-in-hand with farm work. A steel-framed building eradicates the problem of mould and rot and infestation.
  • Ideal for Storage. Steel buildings are safe and secure and weather-resistant. They can also be customised to meet your requirements.
  • Customised Steel Buildings. No two agricultural businesses are the same, and steel -framed structures reflect this in their bespoke design.

Why Choose Steel for Commercial Builds?

The use of steel portal frames for commercial builds is expanding fast. They’re a popular choice for workshops, retail units, showrooms, warehouses, and offices. Why the steady growth in demand? It comes down to the many benefits that steel can bestow, and its comparative cost-efficiency when weighed against other building materials.

Steel’s versatility delivers customised designs and adaptable spaces to suit diverse business needs. It cuts down the time and manpower required for construction, ensuring quicker project completion and reduced downtime. There is also an integral promise of structural integrity for clients, given the inherent strength of steel as a building material.

Steel can be recycled endlessly, without loss of quality or strength, this makes it a sustainable choice for commercial clients who are keen to reduce waste generation. Additionally, steel’s fire-resistant properties enhance building safety, while the durability of this material ensures a longer lifespan. These comprehensive benefits make steel an optimal choice for businesses seeking efficient and resilient commercial structures.

Why Choose Steel for Commercial Builds

The Choice of Steel in Building Industrial Units

What makes the choice of steel in building industrial units such a cost-effective one? These structures ingeniously enclose vast spaces, whilst using minimal materials and labour in the process. The result is manufacturing units, hangars or industrial storage units that can be relied upon to stand the test of time without incurring expensive maintenance and repairs.

At the core of a steel building lies a remarkably straightforward steel frame. This horizontal beam, supported by columns at its extremities, achieves remarkable feats. With its capacity to span great distances, expansive areas can be enclosed without the burden of numerous support columns. This is because the columns flanking the beam’s ends suffice to uphold the entire structure’s stability.

Why Choose Integrity Steel Buildings?

Based in Bedfordshire, Integrity Steel Buildings provides the design and manufacture of steel frame buildings across the South-East of England. Additionally, we are now able to provide structural steel. This means that our capabilities have extended to include a turnkey service, offering clients an end-to-end service when using steel in building.

Integrity offers clients creative pricing, efficient delivery of materials and high-quality customer service at every stage of the process. We offer a range of design and construction services, from custom design to manufacture, supply and construction of your building, including cladding, roofing insulation and paint work.

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