Agricultural Sheds

Agricultural Sheds

Agricultural Sheds Designed by Integrity Steel Buildings

For the majority of the UK’s population, agricultural land exists as space encountered between urban centres. Just a quick look at land usage though, demonstrates the importance of farmers and agricultural workers to the look and feel of the British landscape. 72% of the total area of land available is used for agricultural purposes. This amounts to 23 million acres that need to be tended, populated with animals and managed for crops.

Integrity Steel Buildings supplies high-quality agricultural sheds to the farming sector across the south of England. With offices in Bedfordshire (Bedford), we’re well-placed to serve farmers in some of England’s most agricultural counties.

3 Types of Agricultural Sheds

Steel structures have long been the choice of farmers for agricultural buildings. These durable, competitively-priced structures are carefully designed to meet the needs of their working environment. They also have the advantage of being versatile in their design, and simple in their construction and maintenance. The 3 most popular types of agricultural sheds are: farm machinery/workshop, grain store and to house cattle.

Farm Machinery/Workshop

One of the largest investments for the farmer is their machinery, so a secure space is needed to store it. Integrity Steel Buildings can create a bespoke design that not only houses expensive equipment, but also minimises the risk of condensation, or damp that could cause problems. The versatility of steel building design means that we can include as much natural light as needed to double up the use of the space as a workshop.

Steel Agricultural Sheds for Cattle

Steel buildings for use by livestock are designed to prioritise animal welfare. Integrity will ensure that all regulations are met for the management of waste and slurry. The overall design will maximise ventilation to keep grain dry, and facilitate efficient drainage to maintain a healthy environment for cattle. Our bespoke design features help maximise the ways in which  your agricultural steel building supports and aids the daily work of the farm.

Grain Store

There are two key features when designing an agricultural grain store. It needs to keep vermin or birds away from the grain, and eradicate condensation. Beyond this, Integrity’s steel grain stores can be customised to include fans or a drying floor or fans if required. Our designers will provide bespoke access for farm workers and vehicles.

The Benefits of Using Integrity Steel Buildings

The services we provide to farmers have been formulated to support and enhance the agricultural labour involved in livestock management or arable farming, or both. Our aim at Integrity is to create a streamlined online process for the design and manufacture of purpose-built agricultural sheds. The built-in benefits of our approach include:

  • A customised building, manufactured to your specific needs.
  • Online design that is bespoke to your requirements.
  • Integrity is a one-stop-shop for steel agricultural sheds, with dedicated point-of-contact.
  • Highly cost-effective working structures with a 50 year design life built in.
  • Full guarantee with CE Marking.
  • Steel is 100% sustainable.

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