Steel Building Bedfordshire

Steel Building Bedfordshire

FAQs About Steel Buildings in Bedfordshire

At Integrity Steel Buildings we pride ourselves on the streamlined service we have built for our customers. Whatever kind of steel building in Bedfordshire you’re looking for, our online design process will facilitate its efficient, cost-effective construction. To date we have designed a huge range of bespoke structures across the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors.

We’re always delighted when customers contact us with questions and, over time, we’ve learnt which questions tend get asked most frequently. In this blog we answer 6 popular FAQs concerning steel buildings in Bedfordshire.

1. What is Cold Formed Steel?

The manufacturing process that creates cold formed steel makes it a light, tensile and extremely durable building material. It is tough and will not rot, split or bend. It is also infinitely recyclable making it a valued sustainable resource. The biggest benefits of cold formed steel are its cost-effectiveness, its shorter construction times and capability to last for decades.

2. Is Planning Permission Required for Steel Buildings?

Most of the steel frame buildings we design for use in Bedfordshire will be designated ‘permanent structures’. As such, it’s likely that planning permission will be required. The design team at Integrity Steel Buildings would recommend that you check with your local authority. If you do have to apply for permission, we will provide you with a pack containing all the documentation you’ll need to submit.

3. Will I Have Chance to Customise My Building?

Absolutely! That’s one of the huge benefits of our online process. Whatever you’re using your steel framed building for, there’s numerous ways you can customise it to your needs. Customers regularly add windows, personal access doors, skylights, or roller doors. You can also select the insulation and cladding that will best serve your needs. We can offer a wide range of colour finishes, so you can brand your building if you wish.

4. How Difficult is it to Construct a Steel Building?

Cold formed steel is a light material which means you won’t need heavy lifting equipment. The building components arrive in a flat pack format. The sections are pre-cut with their fixing points determined as part of the design process. Included in the pack are CAD drawings and a build manual. This is fairly simple to follow, and you can always call us if you need guidance.

5. Do I Need Foundation Footings?

Concrete footings will be needed at the base of every upright post. The specific requirements will change slightly depending on the location of the building and its size. Integrity Steel Buildings will provide detailed guidance on the calculation for your particular building.

If you are concerned about taking on the task of constructing the building yourself, we can provide foundation to erection works. We can also provide an internal fit out to ensure your steel building is complete and ready for use quickly and efficiently.

6. Are Steel Buildings Safe?

All our buildings are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of all building codes. When designing your building we take into account the wind region, the terrain surrounding it, and the topography. These factors are combined with our understanding of the required use of the building to ensure that it is safe and secure.

Do you have a question about erecting a steel building in Bedfordshire which hasn’t be covered by these FAQs? If so, call our team today for detailed expert advice and guidance – 01234 938150