Steel Frame Stables

Steel Frame Stables

Durable, Steel Frame Stables From Integrity

Think of stables and you’ll probably see, in your mind’s eye, the bricks and mortar variety. These were ranged about a cobbled courtyard, and each stall had a wooden Dutch door. This traditional stabling architecture is vanishing fast – or rather, much of it has been converted into homes, or niche shops. Far more common now are steel frame stables which provide an affordable and durable alternative to traditional materials.

Even the most ardent traditionalists will agree that, despite looking like a natural home for horses, old-fashioned stables were hard to keep clean. Easy enough to hose down the brickwork, certainly, but a thorough scrubbing was required as well. And those wooden doors tended to get gnawed requiring constant maintenance. Steel portal frame buildings require less maintenance, and offer a 50 year design life-span.

3 Benefits of Choosing Steel Frame Stables

Steel stable buildings may be the economic choice, but they also need to meet the high standards of equine welfare.  Clients choosing streel frame stables tell us they’re convinced that their horses are well-housed, happy, and properly protected.

  1. Animal Well-Being. Older buildings were prey to leaks, pests and mould. Steel is a more hygienic material that’s easy to keep clean. Steel structures are built to withstand wind and extreme weather. They are also insulated to prevent rot or mould developing.
  2. Grow at Your Pace. If you find that your stables need to expand to include more stable bays, or additional buildings for offices, tack rooms, or even a riding arena, it’s easy enough to achieve this – without having to spend a fortune.
  3. Horses are Protected. Horses are prone to kicking, chewing or pulling at wooden stalls. This not only leads to high maintenance bills, it can also damage the horse with splinters from the wood. Steel is light, but strong and will withstand the kicks without needing repairs.

Working with Integrity Steel Buildings

Integrity has developed a range of steel services that are designed to enhance and support the agricultural sector. We provide sturdy, durable steel buildings at highly competitive prices. These include agricultural barns, storage sheds, stables, dressage arenas, paddock shelters, and machinery storage.

Our offering is totally streamlined – and can be carried out online – for the design and manufacture of equestrian buildings. The advantages of our easy-to-buy approach includes:

  • Online design, customised to your requirements
  • 50 year design life built in
  • A building you can easily add to over the years
  • Full guarantee with CE Marking 
  • Integrity is a one-stop-shop for steel building design, manufacture, build
  • Steel is 100% sustainable
  • Self build, or we can manage the full project

Steel Frame Stables in Southern England

For more than a decade Integrity Steel Buildings has developed its reputation as a trusted UK provider of steel construction services. We now work with strategic partners to include bespoke steel buildings in our offering. From our Bedford office, we provide steel framed agricultural and equestrian buildings across the South-East.

Would you like to book a free site survey and quote for your steel framed stables? Call us today on 01234 938 150 (Bedford), or contact us online for a prompt callback.