Steel Kit Buildings

Steel Kit Buildings

Steel Buildings Make Construction Cheaper & More Efficient

Right now, construction needs to provide great value for money.  Whether you’re a farmer, a fulfilment company, or a business needing storage, growth of your business depends upon cost-effective solutions that give you control over your budget. Steel kit buildings do just that. You create the building you need for your business, and it arrives in a flat pack with everything you need to build.

Integrity Steel Buildings has over a decade of experience in steel and design construction. We know from experience the savings that prefabricated steel building offer to businesses large and small. In this article, we look at 5 ways in which steel kit buildings can save you money.

Steel Kit Buildings - 5 Cost Efficiencies

1. Steel for Design Efficiency

Steel is a perfect material for design and engineering software to work with. Its constancy and predictability allow the Integrity team to quickly generate accurate structural analyses for every component. We can easily incorporate any features you require, such as a mezzanine, insulation, dividing walls, access doors. The extraordinary strength of steel is optimised to create the most efficient use of it to construct your build.

2. Self-Build Prefabricated Steel Kit Buildings

Once the design of your building is agreed our state-of-the-art software is shared with our manufacturing facility where each component will be fabricated. The building materials are then supplied in flat pack form to you, ready for construction. Included in the pack is a building manual, architectural drawings, and a load list.

With everything you need in place, you have the choice of:

Our aim is to ensure that our clients are in control of the decisions that have an impact on their budget.

3. Steel Buildings are Built to Last

Steel is immensely strong and extremely dense as a building material. This makes it more durable that concrete or timber. It is also far less likely to be sustain a pest infestation or grow mould. As a result, steel structures that are afforded regular maintenance have the capacity to remain in good condition for many decades.

4. Low-Cost Maintenance

Any construction expert will tell you that the cost of your build needs to factor in the ongoing maintenance required to keep it in good condition. For some materials, such as timber, maintenance can be expensive and time-consuming. A steel building, by comparison requires hardly any maintenance to keep it in good order.

  • Steel buildings are weather resistant, so repairs tend to be minimal.
  • Steel does not need treating against pest infestation, nor does it need repainting.
  • An annual clean with water and detergent will keep the building looking good as new.
  • Insulation should be checked regularly and repaired where necessary.

5. Steel Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Whilst we all want a cost-effective solution, we also need to ensure that our building practices aren’t making savings whilst adding to the conditions that create climate change. Steel, like the fossils and minerals from which it is made, is not a renewable resource. Once it is created, though, steel is endlessly recyclable.

Some materials experience a degradation of quality each time they are recycled. This is not the case with steel. No matter how often it is recycled it remains in pristine condition. It becomes, therefore, a permanent resource for us to use.

Why Work With Integrity Steel Buildings

Integrity Steel Buildings has created an easy-to-use online platform with the goal of making building design, manufacture, and construction simple and efficient. Our head offices are in Bedfordshire, and we are a highly regarded, well-established business throughout the East of England. Our buildings are supplied with full UKCA marking and a solid steel guarantee.

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