Steel Framed Sheds

Steel Framed Sheds

An Evolving Market for Steel Sheds in Bedfordshire

UK agriculture was one of the first sectors to adopt the use of steel framed sheds. They were cost-effective to build, would last for decades, and could be custom designed to house farm machinery, store grain or shelter cattle. Switching from the more traditional timber buildings to steel construction makes sense for the farming industry both economically and practically.

Now more sectors are following suite and the team at Integrity Steel Buildings is experiencing a significant expansion in demand for steel framed sheds. In this article, we take a look at the ways in which steel sheds are serving commercial and private demand across Bedfordshire and the East of England.

  1. Commercial Storage Sheds – a Case Study
  2. Steel Workshops
  3. Domestic Garden Sheds

1. Commercial Storage Sheds – a Case Study

A client in Sandy, Bedfordshire contacted us about a steel shed for the storage of raw materials as part of his business. He provided basic dimensions and specific features required. These included a roller shutter door and skylights. Within two days we were able to send over custom plans, drawings, and a costing for the materials.

Integrity provided an application pack for the process of planning permission, allowing this to be managed quickly and efficiently. Our client opted for a turnkey package, so the Integrity team supplied build schedules and a construction team, all co-ordinated by a project manager.

“On the ground, construction teams worked well around our day-to-day operations, kept us informed of progress and involved in any build decisions that needed making. Week to week communication was very good, invoicing was clear and prompt. We have been really thrilled with the way the project has turned out.”

2. Steel Workshops

Whether it’s a workshop for carpentry, baking bread or digital printing, Integrity Steel Buildings can provide an ideal space for the activity. There are 5 key characteristics of the buildings we design that make them the obvious choice for small business workshop spaces:

  • Security. The combination of a strong construction material with reinforced doors and windows provides safe workspaces for business owners.
  • Flexibility. The Integrity team can custom design the perfect workshop for your business.  Features such as an inspection pit, or ventilation for a kiln, can easily be integrated.
  • Weather Proof. A steel workshop can be used all year round. Insulated cladding panels means that heat is trapped during the winter, and the interior remains cool in the summer. 
  • Self-Construction. Your workshop will be prefabricated and delivered to you as a flat pack with everything you need for construction. You’re in control of the build.
  • Lightweight Construction. A steel workshop is 30% – 50% lighter than timber. It’s mould and fire resistant and deters pests and vermin.

4. Domestic Garden Sheds

Our custom garden sheds are more secure and durable than their timber counterparts; they’re also easier to maintain. A steel garden shed will keep out the damp, and serve as a safe storage place for bikes, domestic overflow items, or tools. Contemporary steel framed sheds can be designed for your specific requirements and are available in a range of finishes.

Why Work With Integrity Steel Buildings

Integrity Steel Buildings has been involved in the design and construction of steel buildings for over a decade. Our easy-to-use online platform is designed to make steel framed sheds design, manufacture, and construction simple and cost-effective. Our head offices are in Bedfordshire, and we serve commercial, industrial, and residential clients throughout the East of England. Our buildings are supplied with full UKCA marking and a solid steel guarantee.

Call Integrity to talk to us about your steel framed sheds requirements in Bedfordshire – 01234 938 150