Commercial Steel Buildings Bedfordshire

Commercial Steel Buildings Bedfordshire

Integrity Provides Commercial Steel Buildings in Bedfordshire

Anyone living outside Bedfordshire tends to have a hard time locating the county geographically. Which is odd, given its strategic importance as a location for UK businesses. The 2020 Bedford Town Investment Plan states:

“Bedford’s position as a crossroads between north south and east west travel mean that around 50% of the UK’s population live within a two hour drive of Bedford.”

As an added bonus, nearby London Luton Airport extends that reach to 100 international destinations. No wonder there’s such a variety of businesses ‘setting up shop’ in Bedfordshire!

Commercial Steel Buildings are Popular in Bedfordshire

Integrity provides commercial steel buildings for Bedfordshire businesses, and the sheer range of designs we create gives a clear insight into the diversity of enterprise this county represents. We’ve chosen 5 examples of the way different sectors are using this adaptable, cost-effective approach:

  1. Education Sector. Where budgets are tight clients search out cost-effective alternatives to bricks and mortar. We can provide purpose-built gyms, sports facilities, classrooms and workshops for schools, colleges and universities.
  2. Warehousing and Offices. Businesses are always looking for ways to rationalise their operating costs. We’ve had a number of requests for bespoke combinations of warehousing/manufacturing and offices to save on paying rent for both separately.
  3. Car Showroom. You might think a car showroom is just a big empty space but, in fact, it’s a complex mix of applications. We create offices and reception areas.
  4. Vehicle Valeting Units. Speed is of the essence in car valeting, so the unit needs to accommodate cars and people, giving them plenty of space to work in. Integrity can provide valeting units as add-ons to existing spaces.
  5. Home Offices/Workshops. Working from home has become far more common over the past year, and – as a result – people have had to rework their residential space. Some of our clients are opting for a bespoke steel home office, added on to their property.

Unique Steel Frame Buildings for Bedfordshire Businesses

Our steel portal framed buildings can be used for virtually any kind of commercial concern, and Integrity ensures that each one meets the individual needs of the client. Every building is designed using a sophisticated CAD system, according to the specific requirements and location. The designs are sent straight to the manufacturers who will pre-fabricate the building. It’s delivered as a flat pack, complete with build manual, architectural drawings and load list.

Integrity is a One-Stop-Shop for Bespoke Buildings

Our aim is to offer a simple, easy-to-use, online platform for businesses wanting commercial steel frame buildings in Bedfordshire. To this end, we provide initial consultation and design, manufacturing and delivery of your building. Additionally, we can supply all the documentation you require for planning and building control approvals. Should you wish us to manage the construction of you building, we’d be happy to do so – we can even fit-out your building for you!

Would you like to book a free quote for your commercial steel building? Simply call us on 01234 938150, or 01392 444641. Alternatively you could message us online, and we’ll respond promptly.