Industrial Steel Buildings Bedfordshire

Industrial Steel Buildings Bedfordshire

Contemporary Industrial Steel Buildings in Bedfordshire

For most of the twentieth century Bedford was the beating heart of the brick-making industry in the UK. At its height, the largest kiln in the world was located in Bedfordshire, and 167 chimneys demonstrated the sheer volume of production. By the early years of the twenty-first century, only four chimneys remained, and in September 2021 these 230 foot giants were demolished to make way for a new business park.

Twenty-first century industry looks very different from 100 years ago, and so do the buildings that house it. For the Victorians, brick was the building block of Britain’s industrial revolution. Now industrial steel buildings in Bedfordshire have replaced the brick factories and foundries. The new Bedford industries, such as logistics, storage or warehousing, have different priorities when it comes to their industrial architecture.

Scalable Steel Portal Frame Buildings

Scalability is key to contemporary British industry. A new storage company may start with one industrial unit, but they need to be able to scale-up quickly once the demand is in place. The same applies to logistics firms. That’s why steel frame buildings are the ideal structure for growing businesses.

Steel portal frame buildings are constructed in units or sections. Each unit comprises two posts and two rafters which are joined by the portal frame. The larger the building needs to be, the more units there are. It’s easy to extend a steel frame building, or to add bespoke units for different purposes, such as offices, packing stations or MOT inspection bays.

5 Advantages Steel Buildings Offer to Bedfordshire Businesses

Integrity Steel Buildings can be constructed quickly; they’re strong and durable, and they look good. But that’s just the baseline. There’s a whole range of advantages to investing in steel industrial buildings in Bedfordshire:

  1. Design and Consultation. Our steel buildings are custom designed to meet your specifications. We can include multiple bays, mezzanine floor, insulation, dividers if you wish.
  2. Weather-Proof Buildings. Integrity Steel Building designs take into account the wind region, surrounding terrain and topography to ensure buildings are fit-for-purpose, whatever the British weather throws at them.
  3. Cost-Effective Builds. A portal frame construction offers excellent affordability. The pre-fabricated building is delivered as a flat-pack, complete with structural calculations and build manual, should you wish to construct it yourself.
  4. Support for Planning Applications. We provide design and structural calculations packs for all our buildings and will advise on foundation sizes, to obtain a building control approval. Appropriate documents can be supplied for planning and building control approvals.
  5. Steel is Sustainable. The material we use in our buildings is 100% sustainable. This is down to the fact that it is endlessly recyclable.

Working With Integrity Steel Buildings

Integrity’s founding goal is to provide an easy-to-use, online platform for businesses requiring industrial steel buildings. You can expect excellent customer service at every stage, therefore: initial consultation and design, prompt manufacturing and flat-pack delivery of your building. If you want, we can manage the construction of your building. too. We can even fit it out for you!

Would you like to book a free quote for your industrial steel building? Simply call our Bedfordshire office on 01234 938150. Alternatively you can message us online, and we’ll respond promptly.