Steel Storage Buildings Bedford

Steel Storage Buildings Bedford

Steel Storage Buildings for Bedford Businesses

The past two years have changed our habits as a nation. Instead for travelling to the local High Street for our shopping, the trend has shifted to eCommerce retail. What’s that got to do with steel storage buildings in Bedford? The CBRE Group has forecast that thousands of new warehouses will be needed across the UK, to facilitate our change in shopping habits.

Bedfordians have already seen top logistics companies installing steel portal frame buildings on the outskirts of the town. In addition to that, there’s a steady demand from Bedford farmers requiring storage sheds, and a growing need for retail storage. At Integrity Steel Buildings we think that we’re perfectly placed to solve the current storage problems. Here’s why.

Steel Storage Space is Quick to Install

What our clients prize above all its other attributes, is the speed with which steel storage buildings can be erected. They arrive on site, pre-cut which allows installation to happen fast. This means that we’re able to help Bedford businesses grow at the pace they need to in order to maintain their support chains.

Flexible Design for Bedford Businesses

Every Integrity design is bespoke to the needs of our clients. Thanks to our sophisticated CAD software we can custom design your storage solution. The options available include mezzanine floors, dividing walls, insulation and roof ventilation, roller doors and multiple bays. We’ll also take into account the topography, terrain and wind region to ensure the building is fit for purpose.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Farmers will tell you that brick built storage may look good, but is expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Steel storage doesn’t require a big maintenance budget each year, and you’ll have peace of mind that your goods are secure, and free from pests, mould or leakages. Steel buildings face fewer issues with deterioration and corrosion than either brick or wood, and will last for decades.

Storage That Grows With Your Business

Steel structures are a smart solution for modern business. A start-up may begin with a warehouse, then find that they need additional storage for perishable items, and an office for admin. Storage units made of steel allow for easy expansion at the pace you need to go. Integrity designers can integrate the potential for expansion into your original plans.

Turnkey Storage Packages from Integrity

Businesses can all too often find themselves beset by red tape at every turn. The Integrity team provide a different kind of experience. We offer an efficient steel storage packages from a team you can depend on. Our turnkey packages provide:

  • Design and consultancy
  • Site-specific engineering
  • Planning application packs
  • Construction and fit-out

Working With Integrity Steel Buildings in Bedford

Our goal at Integrity Steel Buildings has always been to provide our clients with an easy-to-use online platform for businesses requiring steel storage buildings in Bedford. We have offices based in Bedfordshire, and our business is well-established in the region. All our steel buildings come with a solid steel guarantee and full UKCA marking.

Looking for steel storage buildings in Bedford? Call Integrity today on 01234 938150