Industrial Steel Frame Buildings

Industrial Steel Frame Buildings

Why Does Industry Use Steel Frame Buildings So Extensively?

Today’s industries are always on the move. In place of brick-built designs that remain the same for decades, the 21st century has ushered in flexible and innovative industrial spaces. Integrity’s clients tell us that they need large spaces that can be extended and adapted, with features such as mezzanines, loading bays and specialist storage.

Integrity provides industrial steel frame buildings which are used as manufacturing spaces, warehousing, aircraft hangars, workshop units and transport depots. In each case, we are able to design the building that is uniquely matched to the business activity that will take place there. Clients tell us that the level of customisation they receive from us is second-to-none in their experience.

5 Reasons Industry Chooses Steel Frame Buildings

At Integrity Steel Buildings we design, manufacture, and deliver the buildings industry uses. That means we understand the advantages that steel buildings offer to the industrial sector. Here’s 4 of the top reasons why industry favours steel for construction:

1. Steel Frame Buildings Cost Less

In comparison with brick-built structures, steel is an extremely cost-effective option. In fact, you’ll start saving money right from day one.

  • Steel is lighter than brick, so your foundation costs less.
  • Prefabricated materials reduce construction and labour costs.
  • Steel buildings, when insulated, create energy cost efficiencies.
  • Maintenance costs are low.

2. No Building Delays

Every delay shaves money off your profit margin. Steel construction removes a number of the risks that, in the past, have bedevilled building projects. The panels are prefabricated and built in a workshop, so there’s no concern about production being held up by rain or snow. The parts are then delivered to your site, ready to assemble. Our build manual offers clear instructions to ensure success.

3. Customised Design

Integrity Steel Buildings are unique, because they’re personalised to your needs. Our prefabricated steel building systems can do pretty much anything you want them to. The portal frame construction means that the space is clear of walls or columns that can impede picking benches, or productivity.

Mezzanine floors, office spaces, loading bays, roller doors can all be integrated to our clients’ specifications. And if you know that you’ll be expanding your business in the future, we can future-proof your building to allow for extra space to be added.

4. Steel is a Sustainable Material

Steel is the strongest metal available, it’s also the most recycled material globally. Most of the steel in use right now, has already been used and recycled. Steel buildings create lower waste as a result of construction, they have the potential to reduce energy usage, and they last for decades.

Build Your Industrial Steel Building With Integrity

The team at Integrity has one goal, to make it easy for our clients to build their customised steel frame building. We’re situated 50 miles north of London, with excellent rail and road links across the country. Every building we deliver is custom designed and they come with a solid steel guarantee and full UKCA marking.

Like the sound of industrial steel frame buildings? Call Integrity for a free quote. We’ll set up a no obligation site survey and answer any questions you have – 01234 938150