Steel Framed Garden Rooms Bedfordshire

Steel Framed Garden Rooms

Integrity Designs Steel Framed Garden Rooms for Bedfordshire

British homes are rarely large enough, especially if you have a growing family! No wonder then, that garden rooms are becoming so popular. Integrity’s steel framed garden rooms are providing families with home offices, workshops, home gyms or garden bars/cinemas across Bedfordshire. Why steel instead of tradition timber? Read on to find out.

Why Choose Steel Rather Than Wood?

A garden room is not a low-cost item; it’s an investment. As such, it’s worth considering carefully what your requirements are before deciding on the structure that will best meet them.

  • How many years do you expect your garden room to last?
  • If you move, will you want to take your garden room with you?
  • Are you looking for a low maintenance structure?

Many Integrity clients are looking for a long-term investment with minimal ongoing maintenance. The longevity of steel, and its resilience in response to a range of weather conditions, create a powerful argument when compared to wood as a building product.

Beautiful Designs and Fast Construction

Every garden room project starts with a detailed consultation, in order that we understand what you’re planning to use the building for, and where it will be situated. We provide plans and talk through design features such as window sizes, dividing walls, roof ventilation and insulation.

Once you have approved the design, we send the detailed plans over to our manufacturing facility. They create the prefabricated components, which are then delivered to your home in the form of a kit, complete with building instructions. Some clients choose to self-build, which obviously saves on the overall cost. Alternatively, we can facilitate construction of your building for you.

Is a Steel Building Environmentally Friendly?

Whilst we would love to give an uncomplicated ‘yes’ in response to this question, of course the answer is more complex. Steel is made from iron, which is taken from the earth using mining techniques. The mining process is energy intensive.

Once processed though, steel is incredibly strong, durable and endlessly recyclable. The steel we use at Integrity to create our buildings is mostly recycled. There is no deterioration in the quality or strength of steel, no matter how many times it is re-used.

Why Choose Integrity Steel Buildings?

Integrity has been providing steel design and construction management consultancy in the UK for over 10 years. We recognise the growing need for rapid, cost-effective ways of creating storage, garden rooms and workshops. Our aim to create an online, easy-to-use buying platform for good looking, bespoke steel buildings.

There are 6 clear benefits to choosing Integrity Steel Buildings for steel framed garden rooms in Bedfordshire:

  1. A unique design, built to your specifications.
  2. An online and personalised service.
  3. Fast and cost-effective construction options.
  4. Solid steel guarantee with full UKCA marking.
  5. Consultation, design, manufacture, and construction services.
  6. Recycled steel used in our manufacturing.

Like the sound of steel frame garden rooms? Call Integrity for a free quote. We’ll set up a no obligation site survey and answer any questions you have – 01234 938150