Steel Frame Commercial Buildings

Steel Frame Commercial Buildings

What Commercial Buildings Use Steel Frames?

What has driven the growth in steel frame commercial buildings over the past two decades? Our clients tell us they choose steel because a steel portal distribution centre, or office building has greater durability, strength, and flexibility than its equivalent built in concrete or brick. They also appreciate the speed of construction steel provides, and the range of building options that comes with each design.

At Integrity Steel Buildings we know that there’s no other building material that offers comparable benefits. As a result, the market for structural frames has bounced back impressively, following on from the pandemic. A recent survey commissioned by the British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) predicts significant sector growth for steel frames over the next two years.

Most Popular Commercial Uses of Steel Frame Buildings

Versatility is the keyword when it comes to steel portal frame buildings, and it hasn’t taken long for British businesses to recognise the many benefits on offer. We’ve chosen the three most popular uses of commercial steel buildings, but the list is growing daily.

1. Commercial Storage and Warehouses

Warehouses and distribution centres make a huge contribution to the steel frame buildings sector. One of the priorities for businesses storing a large volume of – potentially high ticket – items is security. Steel scores highly because it is the strongest building material available, and it’s naturally fire-resistant.

Steel frame building construction is not only fast and cost effective, the use of space optimising features such as mezzanine floors ensured that every maximum value is extracted. All parts are delivered cut to size and ready for construction, which optimises the build-time and minimises the margin of error on site.

2. Agricultural Sheds, Stables, Storage

At one time wood and brick were the default for agricultural buildings. These have now been replaced, almost entirely, by steel. Farm buildings need to be tough; often they’re exposed to the elements, and their purpose requires durable materials that won’t rot, become infested, or submit to mould.

Steel is incredibly resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions and is strong enough to withstand the wear and tear that may come its way from livestock and agricultural machinery. It can be insulated to provide warmth over the winter, and is an excellent material for grain, or hay storage.

3. Sheds and Workshops

The flexibility that is integral to steel frame building design makes it the obvious choice for sheds, workshops and – more recently – home offices. Integrity clients appreciate the range of design options, and the cost effectiveness of being able to self-build using pre-cut materials, architectural drawings, build manual, and load list.

A steel workshop is up to 50% lighter than its wood equivalent. It’s fire resistant, mould resistant, and keeps out vermin. Dry, safe, and secure, you can keep valuable tools, paperwork, or perishable goods inside, and design a space that provides all the natural light required. The space can be insulated for use in all weathers.

Working With Integrity Steel Buildings in Bedfordshire

The team at Integrity has one goal, to provide clients with all the benefits of steel frame commercial buildings via an easy-to-use online platform. Integrity Steel Buildings is situated centrally in Bedfordshire, just north of London. All our steel buildings are custom designed, come with a solid steel guarantee, and have full UKCA marking.

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