Steel Frame Garages

Steel Frame Garages

Classic car collectors know all about the problem of garage space, but they’re not the only ones. Families purchasing a caravan or camper van for holidays often end up paying rent for housing it. Households with grown up kids are aware of the headaches of too many cars and too little garage space. Steel frame garages are a flexible, affordable way to deal with this particular challenge.

Steel garages use galvanised steel to produce a high quality, durable building that is designed to your specifications. Integrity Steel Buildings provides a fast and efficient way to create bespoke single, double or even treble steel garage buildings. These can be fitted with windows, roller shutters and access doors in exactly the configuration you want.

How Integrity Designs Steel Frame Garages

Whatever you need your garage space for, Integrity designers will be able to create the ideal solution. We begin with a FREE site survey which can take place over the phone. We then use innovative CAD systems to custom design your building. This will include any design features you’ve requested.

When designing your steel garage we take into consideration the natural environment it will interact with. This includes the wind region, topography and surrounding terrain. Our aim is always to create a building that is fit-for-purpose and can stand the test of time.

We Help With Planning Applications

Your new garage structure may require planning permission although this is not always the case. If you do have to go through the application process, we can provide a pack containing all the required documentation. If you need to obtain building control approval, we supply full architectural drawings and structural calculations, including advice on foundation sizes based on the loads from the structure.

Manufacture and Building Steel Framed Garages

Once our clients are happy with their bespoke design, Integrity software communicates its requirements to the manufacturing facility. This seamless process ensures that the moment sign-off occurs the manufacturing process can begin. We are committed to creating an efficient frictionless process for the creation of stylish steel garage buildings.

The pre-fabricated steel structure is delivered to you in a flat pack format, along with build manual, architectural drawings, and load list. Integrity offers you the option of either constructing your steel garage yourself, or handing over the project to us. We are happy to manage this final stage from foundations through to completion. We can also supply an internal fit out if you require.

About Integrity Steel Buildings

Integrity Steel Buildings is committed to providing a simple and easy-to-use purchasing platform for bespoke steel buildings. We operate across Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, providing steel agricultural buildings, storage units, farm sheds, stable and commercial units. Integrity Steel Buildings was created in order to offer a way to set up new businesses, expand existing sites, or re-organise your premises in an efficient, cost-effective way.

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