steel workshop buildings

Steel Workshop Buildings

Designing Steel Workshop Buildings in 5 Simple Steps

Integrity Steel Buildings supplies bespoke steel workshop buildings to a broad range of clients. We regularly design MOT stations, mechanical workshops, maintenance sheds, storage sheds and rural workshops. When we ask our clients why they choose steel rather than timber or brick for their construction, flexibility of design is always a determining factor.

We offer workshops with multiple design combinations, and there is always the option for open, or enclosed workspaces. Our goal at Integrity is to ensure that our clients get the structure they need, in order to meet their commercial or industrial requirements. In this guide we take you through 5 key steps which are foundational to designing steel workshop buildings that best fit your needs.

Step One – The Size of Your Workshop

The dimensions of steel frame workshops are dependent upon their function and their location:

  • What are you planning to use the workshop for?
  • Does it need to house vehicles? If so, how many?
  • How many people will be working in the space?
  • What size workshop can you fit on your premises?

The width, height and length are the key dimensions required. You may, at this stage, want to leave space for your workshop to expand as the business grows. This is an option that is popular with many of our clients.

Step Two – Which Roof is Right for Your Workshop?

There are two styles of roof to choose between:

  • Mono Style Roof. This is a sloped roof that you would normally see on a lean-to, sloping away from the wall of the building.
  • Classic Pitched Roof. Most of the free-standing steel workshop buildings we design feature this roof. It’s strong, and easy to maintain. Rain water drains into gutters situated along the side of the building.

Step Three – Insulation Decisions

We would always recommend insulation for steel framed workshops. First and foremost, it helps to regulate the temperature, keeping the space cool in summer and warm in winter. Second, it stops condensation from forming, which is critical if you’re storing grain or items that could be affected by damp conditions. Third, insulation provides fire resistance.

Step Four – Bespoke Design Features

At Integrity we use CAD systems to provide custom steel building design for our clients. The options we offer are:

  • Enclosed and open bay areas
  • Personal access doors
  • Multiple bays
  • Roller doors
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Roof ventilation
  • Dividing walls

We can always integrate option expansion opportunities in to the design of the building as a whole. Once the design is complete, it is sent electronically to our manufacturing facility where the prefabricated parts are constructed.

Step Five – Self Build or Constructed

Your prefabricated building materials will be sent to you, flat packed. You will also receive a build manual, load list and architectural drawings. Should you wish to self-build, you have everything you need to do so. Alternatively, if you want us to construct your workshop for you, we are happy to do so (for small and medium buildings) and we can include an internal fit out in the package as well, if required.

Turnkey Steel Workshop Packages from Integrity

Our clients tell us that red tape can all too easily impact negatively on business decisions. The Integrity team aspires to provide an experience based on what’s right for the business, with an emphasis on speed, efficiency, and top-quality materials. We offer an efficient steel workshop package and a team you can depend on. Our turnkey packages provide:

  • Design & consultancy.
  • Site-specific engineering.
  • Planning application packs.
  • Construction and fit-out.

Working With Integrity Steel Buildings

At Integrity we offer clients an easy-to-use online platform allowing businesses to design and build high-quality steel workshop buildings they require, fast and affordably. Our head office is based in Bedfordshire, and our business is well-established in the Eastern region. All our steel buildings come with a solid steel guarantee and full UKCA marking.

Are you planning to build steel workshop buildings? Call Integrity today for your free quotation, or to arrange a free no obligation site survey – 01234 938150